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Customs Clearance

Our licensed Customs Brokers can help streamline the process of importing goods through Customs and Quarantine (AQIS) by calling on their experience to assist with:

  • Classifying products

  • Identifying and claiming Tariff Concessions

  • Recognising the opportunity to claim Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and specific Preferences Duty Rates

  • Valuing items on Commercial Invoices

  • Arranging necessary AQIS directions for inspection etc.

  • Working with Transport Carriers to secure wharf timeslots and deliveries

  • Duty Drawback & Refunds

Licensed Customs Brokers specialise in organising quarantine and tariff concession orders for international seafreight and airfreight. With decades of experience, our custom brokers can provide reliable advice for businesses which import and exporting goods. Mac Customs have knowledge and experience to help your company with many different export and import projects Australia wide and internationally.

Customs clearance for imports to Australia from China, South East Asia, Canada, India, the United States of America and Europe.


Freight Forwarding/ Services

Mac Customs is a local, experienced company that deals in Freight Forwarding Australia Wide. Our knowledgeable, qualified team of freight forwarders, sales staff and customs brokers can organise transportation for goods via Sea, Air and Road. With this diversity we can successfully import and export any goods and handle any project big and small

Together with our long standing partners we surpass the 10,000 TEU mark regularly which enables us to garner competitive pricing within the market for our customer base whether that customer is in Australia, China, the United States, European Union, Canada or Russia.

LCL- Mac Customs together with our agents have weekly consolidation containers from  each of our offices worldwide providing an economical & reliable shipping solution for our customers who do not have the necessity for a full container.

Mac Customs has developed a variety of services to meet the demands of clients facing challenges with both compliance and their bottom line. These services include:

  • Ocean Freight 

  • Air Freight

  • Customs Clearance

  • Import & Export Freight Forwarding

  • Duty Refunds/Drawbacks

  • Tariff Concession Order (TCO) Applications

  • Customs Entry Audits

  • On hand shipment reports

  • Road & Rail Transport

  • Project Freight

  • Packing & Unpacking

  • On-site Warehousing & Storage

  • Underbond Container Park and 77G Underbond Warehouse

  • On-site Fumigation Facilities

  • On-site AQIS Facilities 

  • On-Site Rural Tailgate and Washbay

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