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Container Detention

What is container detention & how much does it cost ?

Import & Export shipping containers are used to move the Import & Export cargo's on the container ships. The containers are essential to the efficient cargo flow of all Import & Export cargo movements.

When the supplies of shipping containers are delayed or are running low due to the late return of the import containers, it in fact slows down the entire supply chain of international cargo.

As a rule of thumb the shipping lines usually allow 10 days from when the containers are first made availble for delivery. Late container returns create extra expense on the international transport community by the inefficient few.

The example to best explain container detention, imagine a Library, you want to borrow a book to complete a very important project , the book has not been returned by previous borrower on time, it is late and therefore you cannot complete your project. How do you feel?

To alleviate the late return of containers Freight Forwarders & Shipping companies apply a late return Detention Charge for the late return of containers, we at Mac Customs have endeavored to keep our late container return costs to a minimal level.

Please find listed our

  • Import Container detention tariff

  • Export Container detention tariff

These rates apply to any late Container returns.

Container Detention: FAQ
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